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22 February 2012

gifts from home.

Amai recently sent a few things for me with one of Kishore's colleagues who came to Syracuse for training, and my parcel arrived from Syracuse yesterday. The main thing was my USB drive that I had left there in July. It's been a long process to get that back to me, but I felt there was no point in buying a new one when I knew I had a perfectly good one that just needed a little extra help finding its way here.

The other thing she sent were two 2012 Peace Child India calendars. To celebrate its 10th anniversary, PCI printed nice calendars to sell to friends and former interns. Since she knew someone was coming in February, she waited a few months to send them to me. It was so nice to page through it and see the pictures that they chose to use. Brought back some great memories from my Boys' Home and traveling days. Since she sent two, I displayed one in our kitchen and have kept one for my room.

And the last gift, the one that nearly made me cry, was about ten 5-Star bars that she and Kishore had sent along with the other things. I knew about the other stuff, but the 5-Stars were a complete surprise and made me completely homesick. Yesterday had been a really long day - we were on the road around 6.45 for Practicum, and I didn't return home until nearly 9.30 that night - so not only was it awesome to receive a parcel, but to find such an unintended and completely thoughtful and awesome gift inside was fantastic. I definitely teared up a little.

It made me remember how nice it is to receive little things from home, little reminders that people remember you and are eager to have you back. It also made a list begin forming in my head of all the little things I am looking forward to once I hit Bangalore shores in June. Things like 5-Stars. And Cadbury Crackles. And gobi manchurian... But that's a list for another day. And believe me, it's going to be a good one.

But for today, I'm enjoying a little taste of home, thanks to my Boss and my Bava.

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