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03 August 2011

best friend bonding.

Yes, that's right, I finally made it up to Charleston to visit the best friend.  We did stick to most of our traditions - Qdoba straight from the airport; one night of getting sloppy drunk; at least one tourist attraction; and lots of harassing of other people - but we also played it by ear a bit.

On Friday night, we went to a showing of Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark down by the pier.  We talked through the first half of the movie before deciding we were probably annoying people and should therefore leave.

[they even had a beer tent]

[the very beginning of the movie]
From there we wandered through downtown, spent some time at the Blind Tiger making fun of the girls in their fancy dresses, and eventually made our way to Mac's.  They had a live "band" and a Grilled Mac 'n Cheese Sandwich.  It was heaven in between two slices of toasted bread.

[the "band" at Mac's. they were pretty entertaining]
On Saturday we met Ashley for lunch and then spent most of the afternoon sleeping off the results of the previous night.  We managed to make it to Gene's in the evening for some beer and cider, some cheese fries, some Jumbling Towers [fake Jenga], and some making fun of Gary.

Sunday brought us brunch, complete with $7 carafes of mimosas.  Always a good way to start a Sunday.  Then we decided to be tourist-y and took the ferry out to Fort Sumter - pretty cool place.  And did you know that the crescent on the South Carolina flag is not actually a moon, but is in fact part of an old military uniform?  Who knew.

[we had our own Sunday Funday in Charleston. take that, Prakash-a and Morgan]

[cheers to best friends]

[it was very, very warm]

[the ferry that carried us to and from Fort Sumter]

[the suspension bridge]

[the sky]

[view looking out from Fort Sumter]

[the flags flying over Fort Sumter]

[one of the cannons]

[apparently Maryland was a bad egg. ha!]
It was a great weekend - albeit very warm - and it was great to see Mindy after such a long break.  I'm glad to be back in the same country [first time in nearly 4 years!] for such an extended period of time.

Next time it's her turn to come to Little Rock.

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