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22 August 2011

day one is under the belt.

And what a day it was.

Paranoid that I would sleep through my alarm, I bounded out of bed at 7.06 am, showered, got dressed, got all my stuff together for the day / evening, had a little breakfast, made my sandwich for lunch, and was out the door by about 8.12.  Which was earlier than necessary, but I would always rather be early instead of late.

My morning started with Leadership, which went by really quickly.  I have been agonizing over my attention span, or lack thereof, these past few weeks, trying to figure out how I'm suddenly going to have to start sitting still for 2- and 3-hour classes.  Luckily most of the classes are discussion-based and involve a lot of group activity and / or moving around, as opposed to just being a straight-on lecture.  My morning class flew by, and suddenly it was a rush to print out questions for the afternoon, scarf down my sandwich, and head over to Sturgis for the afternoon.

After lunch brought us Communication & Social [Ex]Change, which went pretty well also.  I was dragging a bit at the beginning, but that was mostly the after-effects of lunch.  Those super long lunch breaks at the Boys' Home got me used to having naps, so I'm having to adjust my schedule a bit and try to get on a proper sleep schedule.

Once that class wrapped up, a few of us just hung around Sturgis until it was time to head over to the Statehouse Convention Center to hear Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano speak.  And once she finished her speech, answered a few questions from the audience, and then held a mini press conference, she came and hung out with the Clinton School-ers for a bit and answered a few of our questions.

Luckily we wrapped up right before the torrential downpour, so I at least managed to get into my car before the skies opened up.  By the time I strolled into the house at about 8.40pm, I was exhausted and hungry, but I was at least dry.  A bit of dinner, catching up some emails, sorting out my stuff for tomorrow, and now it's time to get a little reading done for Friday before crashing.

And doing it all over again tomorrow.
If I'm still alive once noon on Wednesday rolls around, buy me a drink.

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