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16 August 2011

second day of orientation, and already the juices are flowing.

Tonight, while at the Arkansas Travelers' game here in Little Rock, two of my classmates and I got into a discussion of how we could make a minor league baseball team a really strong fixture in a community.  Ideas included greening the stadium, using it as a venue for other functions [not just parties, but also as a resource / training center], using it to support local restaurants and eateries, and a variety of other ideas that were banded about over the span of a few hours.

It was crazy, and we definitely had a few ideas that were obviously too bizarre for words, but honestly, I have to say that it's not entirely far-fetched.  If we found the right team, with the right owner, in the right town [I voted for Chattanooga], it could actually work really, really well.

I know it seems early on in the going, but it's nights like these that re-motivate me and remind me why I love doing what I do.  And it's so nice to be surrounded by so many other motivated people.  I am really excited for what the next two years have in store for me.

And to think, the entire thing came about because Jordan harmlessly mentioned he would one day like to own a minor league baseball team.

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