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04 August 2011

calling all Bangaloreans: concert for a good cause.

I haven't bragged about my third-born on here, so I'm taking my opportunity now [warning: shameless plug to follow].

Shonali and her friend Aditi have started their own event management company, aiming to combine concerts and other events with social change.

Their first major event is called Music Mouth I and is already gathering attention throughout the city.  Three bands - including one of my favourites, Something Relevant, coming down from Bombay - will be playing at Kyra in Indiranagar, and instead of charging a fee, the cost of admission is the donation of at least 30 notebooks that will be distributed to children in government schools throughout the city.  Even if you cannot attend the concert, donations are still welcome and encouraged.

So mark your calendars for next Saturday, the 13th of August, and be sure to spread the word to friends, family, and fellow music / education lovers.

Shon, I'll be there in spirit.

ps  Any friends in the US who wish to donate notebooks, let me know, and we can sort out something!

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