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14 August 2011

and away we go.

Today is our first day of Orientation for the upcoming school year.  Yes, it's starting on a Sunday.  Today is a day for meeting-and-greeting, a day for our entire class to come together for the first time and begin the process of getting to know the people we're going to be spending the majority of our time with for the next 2 years.

Today is going to be a pretty simple day - just some introductions, going over the schedule for the week, meeting the Deans, and having a brief reception in the evening to kick off the week of activities.

And then there's no looking back.

The week ahead is going to be full of preparations for the upcoming years.  We will be learning about our Field Practicum placements; we will be touring UALR to see all the facilities we will have access to; we will be discussing the book we were assigned to read over the summer; we will be attending various receptions; and we will slowly begin learning about the new world we are entering.  There are a few fun things thrown in, too - Arkansas Travelers' game Monday night, a faculty dinner Tuesday night, and a cookout with Class 6 on Wednesday night - but mostly it's going to be chock-full of information and discussions and getting ready for the scary world of graduate school.

Wish me luck.  If I survive this week, I think I can survive anything.

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