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09 August 2011

super secret surprise.

This past weekend I took myself on a little road trip over to Nashville.  I was wanting to head over there sometime before school started so that I could see all the peeps [Lindsay, Steve, Catherine, Drew AND Lizzie all live within a mile-and-a-half of each other!], and when I looked at the calendar and saw that Lindsay's birthday was on a Thursday, the only thing I could think was: surprise visit!

Once I realized this was the perfect idea, I called Steve to make sure they didn't already have plans in place to head out of town over that weekend, and I proceeded to tell him of my amazing plan.  This, however, was a bit risky, as Steve, bless his soul, is just not known for being able to keep a secret, especially one as exciting as this.  But I put my faith in him, and he pulled through, only resorting to tell Drew the morning I was driving over.

We decided it would be super-fun for me to surprise Lindsay at the Jackalope [Steve's brewing company] tap room on Friday evening, and the timing could not have worked out more perfectly.  I actually left Little Rock a bit later than planned, due to some issues with furniture not being delivered, but that meant that Lindsay was already at the tap room when I arrived.  And she was surprised!  So surprised, in fact, that she started crying.  It was really sweet and also really funny.  And then Steve gave me a t-shirt.  So it was a successful visit to the tap room.

Lindsay, Catherine and I shared a very nice dinner on Friday night, catching up and gossiping.  Saturday was spent driving around looking for hot chicken places that were open; we finally ended up at Bolton's, where the chicken was almost too spicy for me!  I was beginning to worry that it might not be possible.  Saturday night we went for a comedy show [Jay Pharoah from SNL] at Zanies, for dinner at Burger Up [they had burgers with jalapenos, so I was sold], and then to the Melrose for drinks.  Sunday we spent most of the day watching Food Network in our pajamas before rousing ourselves to play some Smarty Pants on the wii and then venturing out for a late lunch once Catherine finished work.

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend.  It was so good to see everyone and be able to spend some good quality time with all of them, and even the weather cooperated: rainy and cloudy for most of Saturday.

Now for my next adventure.  Suggestions?

[I unfortunately took no pictures.  I took my camera with me, and then didn't take any pictures.  I suck at life.  I know]

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