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30 July 2011

random rambles.

1.  by the time most of you read this, I will be on my way to Little Rock with most of my worldly possessions [including my hog head, of course] packed into mine and my mother's cars.  my next blog post will be from my new room in my new house in my new city.
2.  I still need to upload my pictures from my second cooking lesson [chicken curry!] as well as from Charleston, so hopefully those will be up at some point next week.
3.  this week I purged my room of most of its junk.  all those issues of Sports Illustrated and ESPN the Magazine from 2004?  gone.
4.  in case you missed it in my previous post and still haven't read it, go out right now, buy a copy of The Help, and read it immediately.
5.  when you finish it and have a newfound faith in my book recommendations, go out and buy yourself a copy of Little Bee.
6.  because of the two books mentioned previously - as well as the cleaning of the room - my grad school reading has taken a backseat this week.  got to get back on that train once I'm moved in next week.
7.  Prakash-a found a house and is also moving this weekend!  next step: a passport.  he's growing up.
8.  at this time last year, I was on my way to Istanbul for the World Youth Congress.  hard to believe it's been a year already.
9.  I still haven't seen the latest Harry Potter.  you have my permission to send me in front of a firing squad immediately.  in fact, if I don't see it by next weekend, I might just send myself.
10.  Charleston was a blast.  so good to see the best friend, had a nice lunch with Ashley, and managed to fit in a touristy visit to Fort Sumter after the brunch mimosas.  all in all, I'd say it was a success.
11.  one month until Haygood comes to visit!  we're spending Labor Day weekend playing tourist in Memphis.
12.  I'm still not in support of TBS showing NONE of the Braves games.  I knew that they no longer showed all of them, and I had prepared myself for as much, but for them to not show any of them is, for me, unforgivable.  that's how I became a Braves fan in the first place.
13.  I introduced my brother to words with friends this morning, and we spent most of the day sitting in the same room playing against each other.  and it was spectacular.
14.  we finished Season 2 of 24 tonight, and I already envision many hours spent streaming the following seasons, as well as the latest seasons of Parks & Recreation and 30 Rock, on my computer in the coming weeks.
15.  apparently this medical school is going to start assessing their applicants' people skills when determining whether or not to give them a place in their class.  I found it intriguing.
16.  I was talking to Borg last night about Mukesh Ambani's house, and I found this slideshow of what the interiors are going to look like.  I find it ridiculous, but you are free to draw your own conclusions.
17.  while cleaning, I also found a printout of one of those emails with a gazillion stupid and random facts, which I of course have kept to pass on to friends and foes whenever I need a laugh.  for example, did you know that rubber bands last longer when refrigerated?  I'm going to try it out; I'll let you know if it's actually true.
18.  apparently I had a lot to say tonight.
19.  but now I'm going to read and get some sleep.  long day tomorrow.
20.  goodnight!

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