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27 July 2011

hampi and coorg, in pictures.

I don't know how I forgot to post these pictures.  Let the delay end here and now.

Happy Place #1: Hampi [of which there are many more pictures than Coorg.  it's difficult to stop and take pictures when you're sliding down a trail and trying your best not to fall off the edge]

[cannon outside the police station. I told the group that if you forget to register at the station, they shoot you with the cannon. probably cruel, but it was amusing to see their faces]

[ruins atop the Ganesha hill]

[atop the Ganesha hill. possibly an old mantap]

[Krishna temple]

[Kat taking a picture of the Krishna temple. behind her is the entrance]

[prostitutes bazaar]

[prostitutes bazaar]

[prostitutes bazaar. at least, that's what we call it]

[meditation place overlooking the river]

[our trusty boat]

[last shot of that beautiful sight for a few years]

[over the years I've gotten to see this tree grow from a tiny little thing up to this. I like to say I've also grown a lot in those years]

[shot of the Hanuman temple from the boulders]

[steps down to the Tungabhadra River]
And now on to Happy Place #2: Coorg [I took fewer pictures, partly because I was trying my best not to fall of the edge of the trail, but also because I wanted to steal Jane's pictures from her super awesome camera, and I have not yet been able to do so.  so here are the few I took]

[that waterfall you see in the distance? that's Kerala. we practically walked there]

[Morgan surveying the scene]

[beginning our descent]

[on the way back down]
I'm sad I don't have a lot of pictures of the trek, and I would have liked a few of the waterfall, but I was too busy splashing around.  But I'll be back, and I'll get pictures then.

That's what I keep telling myself: I'll be back.

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