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29 October 2013

the joy project: week forty.

week 40? that seems ridiculous. and yet, here we are. <silently patting myself on the back>

Sunday: ran - and survived - my first half-marathon. ladies' brunch with fantastic bloody mary's to celebrate. cheered the Packers on to victory at the sports bar down the road from my hotel and met a very sweet couple from Wisconsin. capped my day with a Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger from Jack in the Box. definitely a Sunday for the books.

Monday: slept in and rested my muscles. roomie reunion lunch with the long-lost Cheryl. hung out with Miriam, Maren, and Cassie while they went climbing. yummy dinner at Tacko for my last night in town.

Tuesday: a long day of traveling, but it's always nice to return "home". and I read nearly 160 pages in my book. got a sweet card in the mail from Nana.

Wednesday: slept in and in and in. had a lovely dinner at Nathanial and Chad's that included yummy chicken and two bottles of wine.

Thursday: pretty uneventful day, if I'm honest...

Friday: family trip - minus the brother - to Orlando. planned my Disney World visits. beat my mother at foosball and then got my ass kicked in Skee-ball. met a friend of my father's from Detroit who's probably his coolest friend ever. free food!

Saturday: spent the day at the Magic Kingdom. rode Space Mountain, Big Thunder Railroad, and Splash Mountain. bought some gifts for various kiddos. and then my parents' medical conference arranged for the whole lot of us to go to Hollywood Studios [previously MGM Studios] after hours. was so cool to have the whole park to ourselves. took my father on the Tower of Terror, saw the end of the Indiana Jones stunt show, took my father on the Aerosmith Rock 'n Roller Coaster [he didn't even realise it went upside down. twice], and saw the Beauty and the Beast stage show. super fun night. thank you, American Academy of Pediatrics.

it was a crazy week, going from one coast to the other, but it was definitely full of fun.

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