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08 October 2013

1/2 marathon [tuesday]: almost there.


Monday: ran 2.4 of what was originally supposed to be a 5mi run. it drizzled all through the night and into the morning, and it was pretty wet outside, so I decided to just run a short one. it would be just my luck to sprain something or otherwise injure myself 3 weeks from race day, so I decided not to take the risk. I ran around 8am, the latest I've run in months, and it was nice and cool, only getting humid right at the end. I was originally going to skip the run and do the elliptical to avoid the wet pavements, but the thought of doing so kind of depressed me, so I headed outside anyway. I especially wanted to loosen up my muscles, which were pretty stiff after Saturday's long run.

Tuesday: 30-minute NTC Get Toned Intermediate Circuit Challenge workout. lots of squats, so my quads were definitely burning at the end of it.

Wednesday: day off.

Thursday: 4.25mi run at the Greenline. ran my fastest 5k ever, which was promising, but ran out of steam a bit at the end. even though it wasn't super humid, it was very warm, so I was glad it was a shorter run. still enjoying the Greenline, especially during the week when it's fairly empty.

Friday: in Atlanta for the Goodrich/Jones wedding festivities, so it was another day off.

Saturday: day off. I needed my rest for the party that night.

a pretty uneventful week. sometimes those are good.

because of the rain on Monday and the trip to Atlanta for Cait and Wes' wedding, my schedule was a bit crazy last week, and I didn't necessarily train as much as I could or should have. the two runs that I got in were pretty good, and I'm hopeful that the weather is finally taking a turn toward fall. the days are getting shorter as well, which means I'm able to sleep until almost 6 and head out for my runs around 6.25 or even later, if I drive to the Greenline. those 5.15 wake-up calls were tough to take, so I'm thankful to be able to sleep in a bit even on those days I run.

we're down to 2 weeks until race day, which is kind of mind-blowing. I entered the draw for the race at the beginning of June, I found out I was accepted at the end of June, and I began my training the second week of July. back then, it felt like I had ages until 20 October, and now it's only 12 days away [I got delayed and am only posting this on Tuesday...oops]. I still kind of can't believe it.

I have lots of thoughts going into my last few weeks of training, but I also have a lot of other things I need to take care of this week, so it looks like those thoughts will either be their own post later this week or combined with next week's training log.

until then, happy running to you.
woo pig.

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