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19 October 2013

the joy project: week thirty-nine.

Sunday: Green Bay managed to squeak out a win in Baltimore [the first Packers victory in Baltimore since 1974!]. yummy Indian lunch.

Monday: visited some of my old buddies at the B&N. essentially got offered my old job back.

Tuesday: second interview for a potential job. fun dinner to celebrate Jane's birthday. got to hang out with Quincy the dog.

Wednesday: started off a bit rough, but a Skype chat with Ellie and a phone chat with Dylan put me in a significantly better mood. also hearing that a job I wanted in Bombay is still open and available. and also watching India beat Australia in a one-day match.

Thursday: read 100 pages in my book during my journey to San Francisco. much-awaited catch-up time with Miriam. attended my first Zumba class. Indian feasting on the floor of the kitchen with Miriam and Maren.

Friday: submitted my CV and cover letter for a position in Bombay. chatted with Shonali and pretty much decided we will be attending the Bangalore edition of this year's NH7 Weekender [gotta carry on the tradition, right?]. picked up my race packet at the NWM expo, quick catch-up chat with Cheryl, found my name on the wall outside Niketown, and picked up some swag from the store. grabbed a drink with Dave and Jay, and then Mo and I had a nice dinner before heading home and crashing. also, Bee and Brandon got engaged!

[pretty cool, I won't lie]
Saturday: relaxing morning. Miriam made pancakes for breakfast. went for a run at 11.30am! can't remember the last time I've been able to do that. ran into Hunter Brasfield while waiting for a bus to my hotel; got a free ride into town and caught up on the last 6 years of Hunt's life. watched highlights from some very interesting SEC games [Arkansas-Alabama not included]. found out that baby Evelyn [daughter of Lindsay and Steve and my little Muffin] made her entrance into the world a week early! congrats, Wright family!

and in approximately 9.5 hours, I'll be tackling the hills of San Francisco. wish me luck.

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