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06 October 2013

the joy project: week thirty-seven.

Cait and Wes' wedding week!

Sunday: slept in and lazed about and didn't get out of bed until 12.30. it was incredible. all-day pajama day. cloudy and cool weather [high of 72! amazing]. finally finished the final season of Greek. nice chat with Lindso. solid Sunday.

Monday: nice cloudy and rainy day. perfect weather for sweats. started a new coursera course on International Organizations Management. prepped for Tuesday's interview. yummy McAlister's chili for dinner [it was really good chili weather].

Tuesday: playing catch-up for my Introduction to Global Health coursera course [you should really check out coursera if you don't know what it is]. survived my first job interview in 7 years. hammered out some details for a Booktober event I'm hosting next week with Walshie and Jane [and opened Microsoft Excel for the first time in months].

Wednesday: slept in. caught up on some emails. refused to shower until 2pm. finally went to the parlor. thought about what I needed to pack for Atlanta.

Thursday: reunion with roommate Shelley in the ATL.

Friday: Cait's Bridesmaids' Luncheon. I got to see Caitlin, Lara, Bridgette, Ansley, Catherine, Nana, Pops, Craig, Andie, and Pete, and I finally got to meet Kelly and Louisa, Pete's wife and daughter. too much fun. tried "totchos" [tater tot nachos. wow] for dinner - my stomach was extremely happy. Braves beat the Dodgers to even the division series.

Saturday: slept in. got to chat with Shonali and catch up properly for the first time in months. Cait and Wes' beautiful wedding and super fun reception. yummy bbq for dinner. danced for hours. participated in my first ever wedding photo booth [thank you, Kelly and Pete]. got to meet more of the Goodrich family and finally got to meet Bridgette's husband Chris.

[the effects on Google Hangouts are great for overgrown children like Shonali and myself]
[so happy to see my favourite little brother Petey after entirely too long] 
[my beautiful Bridgette]
it's going to be hard to beat this last week, but I have a feeling visits from Maggie and our Booktober Book Swap will come pretty close.
woo pig.

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