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09 October 2013

tv binge-a-thon: greek.

Yes, I am a 30-year-old woman who just watched the ABC Family show Greek in its entirety and loved it. In my defense, I was introduced to it by my 34-year-old brother. Not sure what that says about my family, but there you have it.

And oh, Greek. What a great guilty pleasure you were.

Even though I was in a sorority in my undergrad days, it was NOTHING compared to how the Greek system is portrayed in the show. Obviously I know they exaggerated many aspects, but even the "low-key" things they do in the show would have been considered slightly over-the-top at Rhodes. And the crazy hazing. Yikes.

For me, the main draw for the show - other than the ridiculous drama, of course - was Cappie, one of the main characters. He was, hands-down, the best character on the show, wasn't overdone, and seemed like he could be an actual person in real life. He was funny, he was a loyal friend, he had a great sense of humour, and he just seemed real. He didn't seem like a made-up caricature of someone and actually reminded of a few of my friends.

I also liked Ashleigh, especially as the series progressed and they made her character more three dimensional. And although I began the show hating Rebecca [because, let's be honest, everyone hates Rebecca at the beginning], I like how her character evolved, and I really liked her at the end. Also, Calvin and Dale were pretty great.

I didn't binge watch this one quite the way I did with Friday Night Lights, but I came close at the end there because I just wanted to see how it would wrap up and end. It went pretty much how I predicted it would, but that didn't make the drama and hysterics any less entertaining.

The last little season of 10 episodes [I'm approximating, I don't remember exactly how many there were] seemed a little hastily thrown together, but they still managed to run the gamut of hilarity, drama, and ridiculousness. And I'm not at all ashamed to admit that I might have shed a tear or two at one point in the final episode. If you've watched it, you know which moment I'm referring to. Felt like the end of an era.

If you're looking for a fun, light show to pass some time, this could be your new addiction. All the seasons are available for streaming on Netflix, and it'll definitely keep you entertained.

And then we can gush about Cappie together.
woo pig.

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