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15 October 2013

random rambles.

just a quick update on the thoughts spinning through my head. I know you're thrilled...

1. I have decided that I blame the Sports Illustrated cover jinx for ending the Grizzlies' and the Braves' seasons this year. they put Mike Conley on the cover back in May, and the Grizz got swept out of the Western Conference finals. two weeks ago they featured the Upton brothers [along with Kate Upton. still don't know who she is], and the Braves self-destructed in the NLDS. and it's all SI's fault.

2. since my impending first-ever half marathon just didn't seem to be enough for me, I am now also entered in a 5K Fun Run in Orlando for the family members of the conference my parents are attending at the end of the month.

3. making 7-layer dip and brownies for our Room to Read book swap fundraiser last week has inspired me to cook again. we'll see how long that lasts.

4. I'm so glad to have DVR back in my life. it's just so nice to not have to wait for the new episodes of the shows I love to download. the interwebs in India can be sloooooooow. I know, I know, first world problems and all that. I'm just saying I'm enjoying some of the comforts of being in the States right now.

5. I am attempting to be more intentional in keeping in touch with my friends. More emails, more cards sent, maybe even more phone calls if I completely lose my mind. I was reminded a few weekends ago how important it is to treasure our relationships with our friends, and I am determined to be better about it. also, I found a stack of postcards from Hampi, Nepal, and Bombay to go along with my ones from Graceland, and they need to be sent. so what if they have US postmarks. it's the thought that counts.

and there you have it. you're welcome.

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