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14 October 2013

1/2 marathon monday: it's almost go time.


Monday: [maggie was in town, so no running happened]

Tuesday: 6mi run at the Greenline. was a beautiful morning, the Greenline was pretty empty, and I kept up a pretty good pace. all in all, a nice run.

Wednesday: slept in. occurring more and more often these days.

Thursday: groggy 5.73mi run around the neighbourhood. I was super tired but forced myself to get up and get ready for a run, and then it was foggy, so I had to sit around for about 15 minutes before it was light enough to head out, so I just was not in it, mentally, physically, or emotionally. was supposed to be a 6-miler, but I cut over at one point and just said I'll run as much as I run, and that will be that. just wasn't my day.

Friday: day off.

Saturday: 9mi run around the neighbourhood. last long run before race day. I changed it up a bit for this one and ran some intervals: 3mi run; walked for one song; 3mi run; walked for two songs; ran for three songs; walked for one song; ran to the finish. even though it was cool outside when I left for my run, you could also feel the underlying humidity, and that was definitely a factor in my being sluggish at the end. I also did the intervals so that it gave me a chance to chew on my Gu chomps. I realised a few weeks ago that chewing them while I ran didn't sit right in my stomach, and it was much better to walk for that bit. I also realised that, while I think I'll do alright next weekend, I will most likely not be able to run 13.1 consecutive miles on the hills of San Francisco. I'm not trying to sound defeatist, and I will certainly give it my best, but I'm also being realistic. and I would much rather do some intervals throughout the race and finish rather than completely wear myself out and not be able to complete the course. we'll see what happens come race day, but I'm prepared either way.

Sunday: day off.

holy cow, where have the last 14 weeks gone?

I've said it a few times in the past few weeks, but I can't believe how quickly my training has gone. it seems like just yesterday I was struggling to run 3 miles, and now I know I can run at least 9 consecutively [from 4 weeks ago, not from this Saturday].

it's unreal how quickly these weeks have gone, and I still can't really believe that my race will be finished by this time next week.

so what do I want to get out of this race?

being that it's my first half-marathon and it's going to be hilly, I'm keeping my expectations reasonable. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: my number one goal is to finish. I don't care how fast or slow it goes, I want to cross that finish line in one piece and get my finisher's necklace. I don't have a specific time goal in mind, nor do I want one. I just want to go out, enjoy the city and its beautiful views, and have a little fun along the way. there will be thousands of others out there doing the same thing I'm doing, and it's great fun to run a race alongside complete strangers.

so here we go, SF. let's do this.

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