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03 November 2013

the joy project: week forty-one.

another super crazy but super fun week.

Sunday: took myself to Epcot and explored the World Showcase. spent 10 minutes watching a sweet lady from Mexico paint some beautiful souvenirs, learned about Norway and China, and watched a pretty entertaining stage show about the US. attended the after-hours AAP exhibit and picked up a ton of free swag from various hospitals and other promoters.

Monday: spent the whole day at Universal Studios. immersed myself in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! because the park was pretty empty - and because of the separate line for single riders - I got to skip ahead of people and head right to the front of a lot of the attractions. I saw the Hogwarts Express, I bought sweets from Honeydukes, I survived the Dragon's Challenge, and I took a tour through the Hogwarts castle and grounds. it was amazing, and I could have spent the whole day in just that part of the park, but I took full advantage of both parks and went on 11 different rides in just under 5 hours. 3 of which were loopy-loop roller coasters. I call that a pretty successful day.

Tuesday: back to Memphis.

Wednesday: finished my book club book with one day to go! India victory over Australia. busy day flying to-and-from Atlanta with mum for our Global Entry interviews, but I got to have a chili cheese dog and a chili cheeseburger from The Varsity for lunch, so it was completely worth it. Grizz season opener!

Thursday: first workout since my race. lunch with my parents at Bharat. road trip to Little Rock. farewell family dinner for Nathan Jesson at Chuy's.

Friday: lunch with Angela at the Heifer Cafe. picked up some goodies from David Monteith for the ladies in Bangalore and Bombay. got to see my Erbach girls for the first time since last May [they've grown so much!]. Clinton School alumni happy hour at Gusano's. had a New Girl marathon at home with Bee.

Saturday: snagged a free shirt at the Cornbread Festival [almost made up for not actually getting any cornbread]. late lunch at Slim Chickens. scored some awesome winter slippers at Ross. small get-together at Bee's friend's house. continued our New Girl season 1 marathon. 2am feasting on some red beans and rice.

it was a busy week with a lot of travel, but it was a pretty fantastic one.

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