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09 November 2013

the joy project: week forty-two.

Sunday: met Angela at the Clinton Presidential Park Bridge to say goodbye to Banjo and send some of his ashes down the river and also to welcome little Capone into the family [these are dogs, in case you're wondering]. drove back to Memphis for an early birthday lunch for my mother.

Monday: various errands for our upcoming trip. caught up on some episodes of Criminal Minds. folded the 3 weeks worth of laundry that was piled up on my bed. Grizz boys won.

Tuesday: MUM'S 70TH BIRTHDAY. first post-race run; felt nice to get out for about 20 minutes and find my stride again. Huey's for dinner. Gone With the Wind on television! first time I've seen it in at least a decade, probably longer. definitely going to start incorporating "fiddle-dee-dee" into my daily vocabulary.

Wednesday: spent the cloudy, rainy morning snuggled in bed watching television. sort of began gathering stuff for India.

Thursday: picked up some new red thin-tip Sharpies for an upcoming project [office supplies are kind of like crack for me]. saw 12 Years a Slave in the cinema.

Friday: Waffle House lunch with my parents. packed for the journey. got to chat with Lindso for the first time since the Muffin was born.

Saturday: TO INDIA.

in honour of the 3-week Indian holiday - and since I'll be traveling so much within the country - I am leaving my laptop at home and enjoying a bit of a holiday from being so connected as well. there may be a post or two from my phone if I'm feeling so inclined, but the more likely scenario is that I will post updates once I return. I'll be active on instagram [@vrangaswami] and possibly on twitter [@veen83], if you feel like following my adventures on there.

otherwise, I'll see you kids in 3 weeks.
a happy early Thanksgiving to you and yours.

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