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31 January 2013

30 thursdays: #30daysinbombay.

For the month of January*, I created a hashtag on Instagram [@vrangaswami] called #30daysinbombay and have been posting one picture every day of some aspect of my Bombay life, sort of a "Day in the Life" dealio. As you can see from the pictures below, I spend a lot of time on the train, and I spend most of the rest of my time eating. And that's pretty much my Bombay lifestyle in a nutshell.


[Western Railway. oh, how I love it]

[there's a pigeon hideout on my way to the railway station]

[selling their wares at the Bandra station]

[best unintentionally funny sign I've seen in Bombay]

[this is what the traffic looks like at 11pm on a Saturday night]

[I like to make Maggi noodles for everyone at 5am]

[empty trains on a Monday morning are such a blessing]

[we get to watch the sun set over the sea from the hall in our house]

[setting up shop on the footpath]

[that Sneha made me take her to Starbucks when she came to visit]

[evening market at the Lower Parel railway station. anyone need potatoes? because we've got plenty]

[the construction site just next to our building. I took this picture on 12 January, and they've already made crazy progress since then. at this rate they'll finish even before I leave]

[mummy came to visit!]

[mummy stayed in a fancy hotel]

[I enjoy making friends with fruit and veg vendors]

[ships at sea in the Bombay harbour]

[I still say the best way to see the city - and to get anywhere in a reasonable amount of time - is to travel by train]

[cousin found Coke Zero and I found Dr Pepper right around the corner from our house! we are pretty much set for life now]

[it's a roommate thing. you had to have been there]

[Saranya pretends to do work on a Sunday evening]

[taking my mommy out for lunch]

[love the old buildings, especially in town]

[slowly getting our house set up]

[I like to have vada pav for breakfast at the station]

[the 26th was a dry day, but we were well prepared]

[fancy gulab jamun for dessert]

[imagine my surprise when I opened up my menu at Culture Curry to find Rajnikant greeting me]

[CST. the craziest, loudest, most exciting place in all of Bombay]

[the sunset as seen from our house]

[night view from our house]

And there you have 30 days of my life in Bombay. Can't wait to see what the next 30 days bring. [and the next and the next, because apparently I'm never leaving...]

*Note: I know there are 31 days in January and only 30 pictures here. Firstly, the series is called 30thursdays, but also, I had to go to Tamil Nadu and was not in town for 1 day. So in the end it actually worked out.

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