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29 January 2013

restaurant review: britannia & co.

Welcome to my first restaurant review! Today we will be discussing a very pleasant lunch my mum and I recently had at the Britannia & Co restaurant in south Bombay.

Britannia is one of the few remaining Parsi restaurants in the city, and when I was trying to decide where to take mum for lunch, a few friends recommended that we try it out.

It's located in an unassuming old building in the Fort area in south Bombay, and the interior is, I imagine, much like it was 50 years ago. I wish I had thought to get a picture of the interior, but at the time I was not planning on starting this series, so you'll have to go and see the place for yourself. I did, however, get a picture of the menu:

Their signature dishes are the berry pulaos, the bombay duck [actually a fish, not a duck, fyi], and the sali boti, which is what we decided to order. The sweetest old man in the world took our order and explained to us what the dishes were, and he recommended the boti for us so we could have an authentic Parsi experience.

Boti is mutton, and the "sali" part of it involves sprinkling really thin slices of crispy potatoes on top of the super tender mutton [see picture below]. At the request of our sweet old man [I'm pretty sure he's the owner, but I don't have confirmation on that], we paired it with thin Parsi chapattis, and both were excellent. The serving size was great as well, with one order of the boti and 1.5 chapattis each being just the perfect amount for the both of us.

And! It's extremely reasonably priced. In a city like Bombay, you get used to spending a minimum of rs 400 per person for any meal, so when two people can eat for about rs 500 total [I had a ThumsUp and mum had a fresh lime soda], it's a real treat.

If you ever find yourself wandering the streets of Bombay wondering where to eat, you should definitely check out Britannia. You might even find me there, trying the berry pulao or the bombay duck.

Important Info:
Location: Ballard Estate, Fort, South Bombay [if you're traveling by train, you'll have to get off at Churchgate and travel the remaining distance by cab]
Average price for main dishes: rs 250-350
Portion sizes: enough for 2 people
Method[s] of payment: Cash only
Meal[s] served: Lunch only

Happy eating!

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