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27 January 2013

the joy project: week one.

My friend Jackie recently began a new project on her blog called the joy project, and I found it so intriguing that I am going to attempt it myself. Essentially, each week she documents small joys from the week before to emphasize the little things each day that bring her some joy, and I thought it was a great way to take a moment each day to reflect on the small, everyday things that make life just a little bit better and brighter.

So here is my attempt at documenting life's daily joys.

Sunday: just a nice, relaxing Sunday where I didn't once think of work or school or really any responsibilities. that's how Sundays should be.

Monday: spent the day wandering Bombay with my mother. had a nice, simple lunch at Britannia [full review coming soon] and remembered how nice it is to spend quality time with my mother.

Tuesday: spent the evening cleaning house and setting up the hall. our house is slowly turning into a home!

Wednesday: non-stressful experiences both coming and going at the Dadar railway station. only someone who has experienced that station will truly understand how miraculous that really is.

Thursday: vada pav from the railway station for breakfast. best way to start your morning.

Friday: got to catch up with cousins and family members I've not seen since June. my cousin's 15-year-old son has facial hair now! and lunch on a banana leaf. there's something about it that just makes it taste better.

Saturday: my aunt made prawns for me before my flight back to Bombay. and then I got to spend the evening drinking Chattanooga Whiskey and catching up with my Alex-boy and my Haygood, both of whom are on holiday in India.

And there you have my first week. Now to see what this next week will bring [and how long I will keep up with this project :)].

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