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03 January 2013

30 thursdays: 30 [or more] favourite pictures from 2012.

It's no secret that I love taking pictures. Whether it's a quick Instagram picture on my phone, fun candids at a party, or attempts at taking nice pictures with my fancy camera, I'm always on the lookout to take pictures at any available opportunity. For my final 2012 wrap-up post, I wanted to share with you my favourite pictures from this past year. I tried my level best to trim the list down to 30 pictures [I really did, honest], but I just couldn't. We all know I'm indecisive, especially when it comes to pictures, so I am allowing myself a small exception today. Bear with me, and enjoy.

30 [or more] favourite pictures from 2012:

[South Beach]

[one of the entrances to South Beach]

[super special birthday outing with Caro]

[some of the UACS Marathon Weekend participants]

[me and my Moo]

[Ashley and I finished the 10k!]

[Paris in springtime]

[Eiffel Tower, all lit up and shimmery]

[celebrating another year of Dylan - and Dustin - Perry]

[me and my boys]

[Ang and I put on a performance. Charles is not impressed]

[best friend Mindy came to the Rock]

[Banjo appreciates the finer sides of life]

[this is how Stevo plays cornhole]

[hanging out by the pool with Kap]

[birthday girl Hil]

[the Vee-Bees. we're awesome]

[UACS Beer Olympics participants and spectators]

[with Dubz and Bee]

[family picture]

[saying farewell to Chipper]

[San Francisco]

[me and the Milligan]

[Rhodes Class of '04 ladies at Walker's wedding]

[me and brother bear in Bangalore]

[my Sne-dizzle]

[Boss' birthday pub crawl through Bangalore]

[Sne, Amai, me, Shon, and Surya]

[me and my third-born]

[always love me some fresh sugarcane juice]

[only she can look this cute while eating oranges]

[third-born turned one year older and one year "weiser" at the end of July]

[bungee jumping in Nepal]

[me and the Jackalope. we survived!]

[colourful boats in the Phewa lake in Pokhara]

[watching the sun rise over the Himalayas in Pokhara]

["watering cans" in Lodi Restaurant, Delhi]

[Rob overlooks the Agrasen ki Baoli in Delhi]

[fiance reunion after a year and a half!]

[little Peanut with her beautiful curls]
[me and my Peanut]

[with Nit at NH7 Weekender]

[on our way to the last day of the festival]

[finale of Manganyar Seduction. amazing stuff]

[front and center for Bombay Bicycle Club]

[our home-away-from-home in Pune]

[we went to Morjim. this was the view from our shack]

[Rajat and Manish go for a walk]

[Morjim sunset]

[Peanut has no hair!]

[playing tourist in Bombay with Nit]

[enjoying the view of the sea]

[it's always nice when my old boys remember me]

[NYE with two of my favourite ladies]

[third-born and I both wore dresses. it was an occasion that needed to be documented]

[enjoying the first sunrise of 2013 with my Little Prince]
As you can see, 2012 was a pretty fun year. Here's hoping for many more adventures in 2013.

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  1. Very very nice. It looks like an awesome year. Good luck in this new one and look forward to seeing you in the Spring.