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23 January 2013

30 thursdays: 30 things I'm looking forward to this year.

2013 has gotten off to a pretty good start, and from the looks and sounds of it, it is only going to get better as the months pass us by. From visitors from abroad to various festivals and weddings and graduations and babies, this year is going to have a little bit of everything. Below you will find the things that are confirmed that I am looking forward to, but I'm sure this list is only going to expand as we get further into the year.

30 things I'm looking forward to this year:
  1. turning 30. it sounds weird, but I'm looking forward to wrapping up my 20s and seeing what the next decade will bring me.
  2. a visit from the mother.
  3. a visit from Alex-boy.
  4. a visit from Haygood.
  5. sulafest in Nashik. wine tasting + music = a good weekend in Veena's book.
  6. Mahindra Blues Festival. Soulmate, Dana Fuchs Band, and Robert Randolph and the Family Band all in one place? I'm there.
  7. Pranay and Vikki's wedding in Goa.
  8. completing a long-overdue US road trip.
  9. completing my Capstone with the Sujaya Foundation.
  10. completing my MPS and graduating.
  11. [hopefully] finding a job in India. perhaps even one that will pay me enough to support myself. just imagine.
  12. celebrating 70 years of my mother.
  13. Cait and Wes' wedding in October.
  14. the arrival of Peanut 2.0.
  15. Taste of Mumbai food festival.
  16. a visit from Tyler.
  17. completing my first-ever forays into online classes.
  18. traveling somewhere new.
  19. seeing a show on Broadway.
  20. taking part in the various tours that reality tours offers around Bombay.
  21. family reunion in the Rock, April 2013.
  22. Sarah Kennedy's wedding in June.
  23. season 3 of Sherlock. seriously addicting.
  24. maybe publishing some of my writing.
  25. meeting Devin in time for his first birthday.
  26. developing this blog further and making it more of a reflection of myself.
  27. being more spontaneous. I know that sounds more like a "resolution" than something to necessarily "look forward to", but I'm keeping it in there.
  28. developing my photography skills [aka learning how to use my camera and how to edit my photographs].
  29. expanding my reading habits.
  30. whatever other random adventures come my way.
Here's hoping your year is a beautiful one.

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