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23 January 2013

restaurant reviews / eating my way through bombay.

Steph and I have decided that we should try at least one new restaurant each week for the remainder of my time in Bombay. [I'm pretty confident she and Pete will continue this tradition once I leave, but I'm going to take my credit for getting it started]

After we made this decision, it occurred to me that I eat out quite a lot [especially right now when we have no fridge or gas connection at home], and there might actually be some people out there in the world who find my opinions on food useful.

So, moving forward, I am going to attempt to document my eating escapades, both on here as well as on Instagram [@vrangaswami / #eatingmywaythroughbombay], for anyone out there who likes food as much as I do and wants to find some new places to eat.

Moving ahead I will be taking pictures as and when I remember, but occasionally I'll do back-posts that won't include pictures, of places here in Bombay as well as in Bangalore, Memphis [mmm, Memphis], and Little Rock. In lieu of pictures I will do my best to be as descriptive as humanly possible in order to make you feel as though you were there with me.

First post will be coming up over the weekend, hopefully. They'll be a bit intermittent for the next few weeks, as full-on chaos is about to descend, but I will do my best to get a few up each month, at least.

Until then, happy eating!

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