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21 September 2014

veen on the road: pictures of pete [and friends].

I already wrote about the wonderful time I had celebrating little brother Pete's 30th birthday with the Goodrich crew and extended family and friends, but today I would like to share a few more pictures from the weekend. I tried to get pictures of as many people as I could, but as per usual, I mostly walked around with my camera and spent more time talking as opposed to actually taking photos. Nevertheless, I ended up with some pretty good gems, so without further ado, I give you Pete's surprise 30th birthday celebration as seen through the lens of my camera:

[kelly and pete. love these two a whole, whole lot]
[pete with one of his coworkers]
[playing cornhole. i'm not sure if you heard, but asa and i were undefeated]
[cake time!]
[a cake made up of klondike bars and ice cream sandwiches? yes, please]
[that august sure is a cute one. also notice how he and mama andie match]
[papa craig needed a nap]
[louisa with her aunt lar]
[with my mama andie]
[mama andie and papa craig. love these two like my own parents]
[zach and lara]
[louisa and her aunt caitie]
[daniel and pete enjoying the pool]
[jen and cait]
[ryan and wes]
[lisa and mason]
[i caught isabel and louisa in the middle of a very fascinating story]
[lar and papa craig]
[love that little serious guy face]
[the cases!]
[a fun little guest book for people to sign]
[lara and ansley]
[me and the lar-bar]
[pete and asa: from high school to rhodes and beyond]
[louisa got to swing her way to brunch on sunday morning]
[what a cute little family they made]
[cait and ansley. best friends for a lot of years]
[isabel and wes]
[craig strikes a pose]
[kelly and papa craig]
[pete and louisa make their best silly faces. i think louisa wins]
[daniel, catherine, and asa]
[the rhodes representation, plus a future rhodent]
[the sunday brunch crew. love this bunch]
Just looking at these makes me love and miss all of these people even more. I think perhaps it is time for a reunion.

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