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30 September 2014

38 of 52: finding the packers fans in memphis.

With Christina in town, I now have a fellow Packers fan with whom to watch games and drool over Aaron, Jordy, and Clay. Whenever possible, we get together to watch the games, and last week we decided to find out where all the other Packers fans convene to watch games [because, let's be honest, Packers fans are everywhere].

We found a few places, but the one that looked to be the most convenient for both of us was TJ's bar, located in a shopping center at the corner of Kirby and Quince. Off we set on Sunday morning, and it was certainly an interesting experience.

TJ's draws an eclectic, multicultural crowd of all ages to watch the Packers games, which was broadcast on every television in the front room and overlooking the bar. Opting for proximity, Christina and I settled in at the bar to watch the game, but each time the Packers scored, we were included in the cheers and rituals and even the rubbing of the cheesehead for good luck. We were even invited to partake in brats and hot dogs that were cooking just outside the door to the pub.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the game with fellow Packers fans, and I am pretty sure we will be returning in the future for games, but I do have one complaint: smoking is allowed inside, and even though there was only one guy smoking, I still had it all over me when I left. Note to self: next time we go to TJ's to watch a game, shower after we get back home. But otherwise, it was pretty great.

other highlights included: checked out Schweinehaus, the new German restaurant in Overton Square; scored a weekly part-time babysitting gig; a long overdue dinner date with Lindsey; picked up some early birthday gifts for Evelyn [my Muffin turns 1 in 2.5 weeks!]; patio party at Walshie's; some pretty kickass sunsets over the weekend.

[inside schweinehaus. set up like a proper german pub. i like it] 
[exterior mural at schweinehaus. you're damn right i am the universe] 
[norten took a picture of my favourite waiter in bombay for me. it made me ridiculously happy] 
[a visit to here never fails to make my day] 
[pretty saturday sunset. exactly what i needed after that arkansas game] 
[love being a part of the my video my voice team!]
It was a pretty quiet week on the whole, but it was still a pretty good one.

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