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23 September 2014

37 of 52: tiger football.

Last weekend I took my mother to a U of M football game at the Liberty Bowl, and we had a blast. Memphis hired a new Athletic Director and football coach a few years ago, and they have been working hard to turn around what was once a failing football program [to the point where the University was considering getting rid of the football program altogether].

Memphis has had a faithful, if small, football following for a number of years, but it has really taken off in the last few years. They have been working hard to make games accessible and fun for the citizens of Memphis, and we got to see this for ourselves on Saturday.

[one of the positives to sitting opposite the sun was getting to see this pretty awesome sunset behind the stadium]
My mother and I both love live sporting events - especially college football - so we were both excited when we discovered that it would work out to go to the game against MTSU over the weekend. I got tickets, and off we set on Saturday afternoon.

Tickets were comparatively cheap, parking was easy - and free! - and we inadvertently managed to park right next to our gate to get into the stadium. Through sheer luck, the seats on either side of us were empty, so we had about 6 spaces to ourselves, which allowed us to spread out and enjoy the game. It was sunny and quite warm at kickoff, but the sun soon set and it was beautiful under the lights.

[under the lights at liberty bowl memorial stadium. there's nothing in the world quite like college football]
Memphis played well and won the game handily, allowing us to win free chicken-n-biscuits from Jack Pirtle's along the way, but most importantly, my mother and I had a fun little Saturday evening outing.

Oh, and the prices! Between tickets and concessions, we spent $84 total [tickets $60; BBQ nachos $8; 2 sodas $8; 2 bottles of water $8; parking FREE]. You really can't beat that.

other highlights included: back to the job application grind; had a good chat with a family friend who works in HR at the Gates Foundation; worked a few Fanbank events; my father turned 72; the Peanut turned 4; making steady progress through Midnight's Children.

We are forever and always a Razorback family, but sometimes it's nice to support the hometown team, too.

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