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02 September 2014

34 of 52: hanging out with lena walker koelsch.

Last week I got to spend some nice quality time with my favourite little love bug, Lena Walker Koelsch.

[someone was pretending to be shy for the camera]
Lena is the 6-month old daughter of Emily Walker, one of my roommates and closest friends from Rhodes, and her husband Joe. After she was born, I spent a lot of time hanging out with Walker, but Lena mostly slept through those visits, so it wasn't really until last week that we got to spend some time together.

[passed out during our stroller walk around the neighbourhood. six month olds are such lushes]
Knowing that I am always on the lookout for baby- and pet-sitting jobs to earn a little extra cash, Walker very generously calls on me whenever she needs a sitter on days that her nanny doesn't come. I am always up for spending some time with Lena, so it works out pretty well for all parties involved.

[already perfecting her smile and head tilt]
I hung out with her for a few hours on Thursday and then all day on Friday, and we spent the hours going for walks, playing with crinkly books, and mostly just laughing at each other, because we're both pretty freaking hilarious.

[super excited about the us open. going to be a tennis player, just like her mother]
We're going to be hanging out some more in the next few weeks, so there will be plenty more pictures to document her ever-growing adorableness. Until then, I think these will suffice.

[put a camera in front of this girl, and her face lights up. look at her trying to steal my spotlight]
other highlights included: reinstated Tuesday Night dinners with the ladies; had lunch with Erin Petty, a sweet friend from Helena; uncle from India came to visit; summer rain; finally tried ribs from Germantown Commissary [verdict: awesome].

[we get to drink the fancy scotch when uncles come to visit]
[CHICK-FIL-A NOW SERVES CHICKEN 'N WAFFLES. all is right with my world]
It was a pretty low-key week, which was just what I needed. Back to the grind - and the job applications - this week!

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