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30 July 2014

29 of 52: celebrating pete.

That Pete Goodrich is a special one. He's been one of my favourite little brothers since I first met him in the spring of 2002, and we became even closer when he came to Rhodes as a first year when Cait and I were seniors. Neither of us are great about keeping in regular touch with each other, but no matter how long it's been or where we've been, we can pick right back up like no time has passed.

[with pete at cait and wes' wedding last october - our first reunion in 6 years!]
About 4 or so months ago, Kelly, Pete's wonderful wife, sent out an invitation for a surprise celebration to ring in Pete's 30th birthday. She began planning it early to allow people to make travel plans, and she managed to get people in from Atlanta, Boston, New York, DC, and Memphis, as well as local friends from their community in Christchurch.

[louisa dancing - but mostly giggling - to 'let it go', everyone's favourite song]
Kelly rented the beautiful River's Landing Bed & Breakfast in White Stone, Virginia, for the celebrations. It was a perfect setting, and we had the run of the house, the pool, and the pool house for the weekend. There was swimming, there was cornhole, and there were lots of food and drinks, and we spent the whole day just having fun and enjoying the company of all who had come. I loved meeting new friends and getting to catch up with Cait and Wes, with Lara and Zack, with Ansley, with Asa, with Daniel Case and his wife Catherine, and especially with Mama Andie and Papa Craig. And it was great to spend time with the kiddos, with Louisa and Mason and August.

[with the birthday boy]
I could give you all the gory details of what we did throughout the day, whether it be Asa and I dominating at cornhole, or whiling away the rainstorm in the poolhouse, chatting with Mama Andie, but I'll spare you. All I will say is that it was a wonderful weekend full of lots of wonderful people who are very near and dear to me, and I'm so thankful the timing worked out for me to be able to take part in the weekend.

[the sunday morning brunch crew. what a great group of people]
other highlights included: more family time in Charlotte, including being in town to celebrate my uncle's birthday; driving the Blue Ridge Parkway; touring Monticello in the rain; a few days to myself in Charlottesville [a little "me time" is always good now and again];

[with hema masi, one of my mum's best friends and someone who has literally known me from the day i was born]
[shrimp, jalapeno, and bacon tacos. i feel like that says it all]
[downton charlotte on a friday night]
[happy birthday, tinu mamma!]
[with dada and baa, my mum's uncle and aunt who are like adopted grandparents to me. so happy to spend some time with them after 15 years!]
[one of my favourites from my drive up the parkway]
[monticello in the rain is still pretty nice]
[a return to littlejohn's in charlottesville after 10 years. it's still good]
Time spent catching up with friends who are more like family is some of my favourite time spent.

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