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04 January 2014

the joy project: week fifty.

Happy 2014, folks!

Sunday: made mommy mush for lunch. Kwik Chek for dinner. watched the Rhodes Women's Basketball team dominate. Packers beat the Bears -- we're in the playoffs!

Monday: my boots arrived from Zappos! lunch at Chiwawa, popcorn sampling at Sweet Noshings, and another basketball game.

Tuesday: chilled-out NYE at home with the family.

Wednesday: one heck of a New Year feast - Indian green beans, kheema, stuffed bhindi, and green gram daal with homemade chappati. talk about yum. dismantled all the Christmas decor with help from the father and brother. pakodas and black-eyed peas for dinner.

Thursday: spent the morning snuggled in bed watching episodes of SVU. chili + Sugar Bowl watch party at the Koelsch household.

Friday: final family lunch before the brother heads back to school. picked up a planner at 50% off, got a new jigsaw puzzle [nerd alert], and saw some of my B&N friends.

Saturday: said farewell to the brother. ran and walked and gritted my way through 5 miles. spent the afternoon curled up with a blanket and a book. dinner at Memphis Pizza Cafe.

Here's hoping your years are off to wonderful beginnings.

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