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13 January 2014

the joy project: week fifty-one / 1 of 52: meeting miss evelyn marie wright.

The penultimate joy project post. I can't believe it either.
[and yes, the extra part in the title is how I'm hoping to carry it through this year, with a few changes. full explanation below]

Sunday: made chili and buttermilk biscuits for lunch [both recipes from the Smitten Kitchen's website].

[perfect lunch for a cold and rainy sunday]
Monday: 30-minute workout. read 3 chapters in Will's book. printed out a few job descriptions to get started on cover letters. felt nice to kick off my routine; fingers crossed it lasts.

Tuesday: 15-minute legs workout [and now I can't feel my quads. eeks]. 4 more chapters. sent off my resume for a few jobs. two days in a row totally makes it a proper schedule, right?

Wednesday: a very stiff 45-minute run. 4 more chapters. finished The Fault in Our Stars [John Green].

Thursday: 45-minute workout. a nice cold and rainy day [I'm one of those weird people who loves cold and rainy days. the colder and rainier, the better]. hung out in the B&N Cafe, sipping on hot chocolate and reading 3 more chapters in Will's book. picked up some goodies for Miss Evelyn. tried a new sushi place for lunch. scored a robe from Target for $11!

Friday: 15-minute butt workout. lunch with my mummy at Central BBQ and then introduced her to Sweet Noshings. sorted out some order stuff with my buddies at Rock/Creek in Chattanooga [love those guys, love that store]. watched the Rhodes Women's Basketball team dominate. farewell dinner for Amber at Interim. finished Will's book!

[bbq nachos from central. never gets old]
Saturday: drove to Nashville. went for a drive with Steve. finally got to meet little Evelyn. hot chicken lunch at pepperfire. took a tour of the Jackalope brewery. all the Nashville peeps came over for the Patriots game.

[stevo pretending to do some work in the brew house]

I have been wondering for the last few weeks if and how I wanted to continue this series into the new year. I went back-and-forth between just continuing with the "Joy Project" line, but I decided I wanted to do something slightly different. So this year, instead of doing the day-by-day like I did through 2013, I'm going to do a longer post on my favourite memory from each week, hopefully with more pictures and more in-depth stories. For these first two weeks, it will be added on to the bottom of the Joy Project posts so that it will correspond properly with the weeks of the year.

Make sense? Good. Now, on to week 1 of 52...

Lindsay and Steve have been two of my very best friends since we were in college. As the years have progressed and the miles have increased and decreased between us, we have somehow managed to keep up with each other. We've been through a lot over the years, and they remain two of my absolute favourites in the world. Wherever we are, we'll always remain close.

[my little muffin. we're best friends already]
This past October, Lindsay and Steve brought a new friend into the world: Evelyn. When I found out they were expecting, I was thrilled. My response when they told me Lindsay was pregnant was, "I'm so happy for all three of us." I always love it when my friends have babies, and I was particularly excited for the two of them because I was certain they would be incredible parents - and they are.

[checking out the view on our way to lunch]
E was born while I was in San Francisco for my race, and because of my travel schedule that followed and then the holidays, suddenly it became January and I hadn't seen her yet. Lindsay assured me they were free this past weekend, so I drove myself over to Nashville on Saturday morning to spend some time with my little Muffin.

[not many things in this world are quite as adorable as a sleeping baby]
I guess it's pretty safe to say that I'm in love. She's a nearly 3-month-old bundle of awesome, and I'm so glad I finally got to spend meet her and simultaneously spend a little time with her parents. I can already tell we're going to be besties for life, and I may or may not be counting down the days until I get to see her again.

So here's to miss Evelyn, the cutest little muffin in all the land.

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