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22 January 2014

memphis loves: sweet noshings.

I discovered Sweet Noshings in Overton Square earlier this month, and it was a pleasure and a delight to have a little wander in their shop of treats. [I've already been back once with my mother and will likely be back in again soon]

[more flavors of popcorn than you ever thought possible]
Sweet Noshings opened in December and offers something for every snack lover in your family or circle of friends. Their specialty is their popcorn, of which there are about 20 different varieties on any given day. They range from savory to sweet to a combination of the two, and they rotate every few days as new flavors are introduced. My personal favourite - and one of their bestsellers - is the Spicy White. It's your basic spicy, cheesy popcorn, but that little extra bite gives it a pretty great boost. My second favourite is the Memphis Mix - another bestseller - which has honey barbecue undertones, giving it that mix of savory and sweet that some of us like.

If popcorn is not your thing, there is also a vast array of other treats to choose from. There are glass jars upon glass jars filled with various little treats, from gummy snacks to chocolate-covered nuts, and plastic baggies are provided for you to choose however much or little you want [note: each item is priced differently, so if you want more than one, remember to use separate bags]. The chocolate pecans were pretty good, and I'm looking forward to picking up some chocolate almonds on my next visit. And I do believe Katie Walsh was a fan of the gummy butterflies.

[this is only one shelf. there are 3 more filled with various other goodies]
Then there's the treat case. Filled with chocolate-covered pretzels and freshly baked cookies, you can't go wrong choosing something from in there. Those rotate pretty regularly, so you're always in for a surprise when you drop in.

And finally there is the coffee bar. For any Rhodents circa 2000-2002, you will remember the wonders of being able to order an Ugly Mug coffee. These days you can purchase bags of the coffee through various channels, but Sweet Noshings is the only outlet where you can actually order it and have it brewed for you. I've been working my charm trying to convince them to add Cookie Monsters [remember those?] to the menu as well, so we'll see how that works out for me. Regardless, you can order a coffee and sip on it at one of the tall tables overlooking Madison or take it with you on a stroll around Overton Square. And my favourite bit: if you plan on going there regularly for your coffee, you can take in your own mug, and they will wash it and keep it for your next visit. Seems pretty cool to me, getting to sip out of your own mug while you sit in a coffee shop and ponder your day.

[one of my new favourite midtown spots]
Sweet Noshings has a little bit for everyone, so be sure to drop in soon to check out their offerings.

2113 Madison Ave
Memphis, TN 38103

10am-6pm Monday and Tuesday
10am-8pm Wednesday and Thursday
10am-9pm Friday
11am-9pm Saturday
11am-8pm Sunday

Add while you're there, drop in a little pitch for those Cookie Monsters.

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