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26 January 2014

movie review: american hustle.

On Friday night my father and I ventured to the cinema to see American Hustle. I've been wanting to see it for ages, but my brother and I never made it while he was home for the holidays, and since it's been nominated for so many awards recently, my father decided he wanted to see it as well.

My overall thoughts on the movie: the acting was phenomenal, but the story jumped around A LOT, and it was about 20-30 minutes too long.

All of the actors were great in their roles. It's hard to pinpoint who was my favourite - possibly Amy Adams, if I were forced to choose - because they each brought something to the table. And even when I found myself getting frustrated by someone, five minutes later all of their actions made sense, and I was left shaking my head.

As for the story, it was certainly an interesting one, but it definitely jumped around. There were so many components to it, and because it was told with a lot of narration and flashbacks and back-and-forths, sometimes it was difficult to keep track of everything. For every layer that was added to the con, it made it that much more confusing.

I think the biggest drawback for me, however, was the length. Blame it on my waning attention span, but I cannot sit through movies over 2 hours anymore. My mind starts to wander, I find myself missing bits and pieces, and mostly I just get restless. My body doesn't like to be so still for so long, and in a full theater, my movements and wriggling around are limited. I was reminded why I like to see movies on weekday afternoons -- when I mostly have the place to myself, I can put my feet up and stretch out and move around a bit.

But yes, the length. I wouldn't say there were scenes to cut out, but there were certainly a few that could have been cut down to save some time. I feel like David O Russell loves those extra long movies, and I'm afraid I don't.

Other than the length, though, I thought it was a very well-done movie. At times a bit uncomfortable to watch sitting next to my father, but overall I thought it was good. I'm certainly glad I finally got to go and see it.

My favourite line: "You're nothing to me, until you're everything." It encompassed so much of the essence of the movie and its characters into seven words, and it stuck with me.

So go check out the movie if you've not already seen it. It won't be anything to you, until it's everything.

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