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14 January 2014

memphis eats: central bbq.

[bbq nachos with home chips and jalapenos. can't go wrong]
I briefly mentioned Central BBQ in a post last year, but I don't think it adequately described the deliciousness that is that restaurant.

Central is a Memphis institution. Located in Midtown, just near the CBU campus, Central is some of the best bbq you'll find in the city [and that's saying something]. And my personal favourite is their bbq nachos. Chips, pulled pork, bbq sauce, cheese, and jalapenos pretty much means it's a party in a basket. No matter what my appetite, my stomach will always expand itself enough to finish off the basket, and I have come dangerously close to licking the last of the sauce off the paper an embarrassing number of times. It's that good.

Although I am partial to the nachos and never order anything else [why mess with success?], I have it on good authority that their sandwiches are also quite good. My mother enjoyed hers immensely when we were there for lunch last week. And the baked beans were probably the best I've had in the city. I'm pretty partial to some well-made baked beans. And my particular favourite? You can take your cups home with you. We've probably collected upwards of 20 over the years.

Central also sells bbq in bulk, and I bought 2lbs to take with me to Nashville, but I forgot it on the counter :( the upside of it was that my parents and I got to have it for dinner last night, and it was super good. The meat itself is cooked to perfection, and the sauce really gives it that extra oomph that it needs. Additionally you can place an order through their online shop and have Central BBQ delivered straight to your doorstep. If that's not pure genius, I don't know what is. [I definitely tried to do this while I was living in Bangalore, but unfortunately they're not allowed to ship internationally. the tragedy of it all]

So if you ever find yourself needing to fill a meal in Memphis, look no further than Central BBQ. And if you're there on a nice day, enjoy your meal out on the patio overlooking Central Ave. Just beware of the potholes in the parking lot.

stuff to know:
Location: 2249 Central Ave, just west of East Parkway. [technically there are locations at 4375 Summer Ave and 147 E Butler Ave, but I'm a purist, and you'll rarely find me anywhere but at the location on Central]
Parking: there is a parking lot attached to the restaurant, but be forewarned: it can be a tight squeeze for big cars, and there are a few big potholes in the lot. navigate at your own risk.
Hours: open from 11am-9pm, 7 days a week.
Specialties: the bbq nachos, as I previously mentioned, and the pork sandwiches. I'm also intrigued by the portobello mushroom sandwich.
Prices: super reasonable. check out their menu and see for yourself.
Methods of Payment: accepts cash and credit cards.

Now go forth and eat at Central.

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