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17 January 2014

all the cool kids drink jackalope.

I've mentioned my friend Steve on here a few times, and I've maybe mentioned that he is a partner in the Jackalope Brewing Company in Nashville. While I was in Nashville last weekend, I tagged along with Steve while he gave a tour of the brewery on Saturday evening, and now I thought I would use this space to shamelessly plug what I think is an awesome business run by even more awesome people.

[awesome sign made by Steve's uncle]
Jackalope is a craft brewery in Nashville that was founded in 2009 by Bailey and Robyn, and Steve came in as a partner in 2010. In the four years that it has been in existence, Jackalope has become an integral part of the Nashville community and can now be found on tap in over 100 bars and restaurants around the city. Additionally, you can find Jackalope at most festivals and markets during the summer and fall months.

[different hops and whatnot. I'm not good with the specifics, but you learn more about it on the tour. so book one. now]
Jackalope has its own taproom on 8th Ave where you can pop in for a brew or two, hang out with your friends, and play any of the available board games, of which there are A LOT. The taproom has a nice laidback feel to it, and it's a great place to chill before heading out for dinner or a night on the town.

[Thunder Ann, all canned up and ready to go]
There are tours available on Saturday at 2.30pm, 3.30pm, 4.30pm, and 5.30pm. Each tour lasts about 45 minutes to an hour, depending on how chatty the group is, and during the tour you will learn a bit about the history of craft beer, the history of Jackalope, and how the beer is actually brewed. You will receive your very own Jackalope pint glass and will get to sample four of Jackalope's year-round brews: Thunder Ann; Leghorn; Bearwalker; and Rompo. Fun fact: All of Jackalope's brews are named after living and mythological legends.

[a brief history of Jackalope, for anyone who's interested. great to see how far it's come in such a short time!]
There are also items available for purchase at the taproom: t-shirts, tank tops, pint glasses, growlers, soap, etc. If you can't make it into the taproom, you can purchase any of these from their online store and have it shipped directly to your home.

[various items for sale at the taproom. more on the online store]
And lastly, Jackalope is slowly beginning its expansion outside of Nashville. In November they launched in Chattanooga - which obviously made me happy - and at the end of this month they will be launching at the Lynx Lair at Rhodes College, the only location in Memphis where you will find Jackalope on tap.

[a whole box full of jackalope swag. you know you want one, too]
One final point. I am not a beer drinker. I've never really been a beer drinker. But last weekend, because I knew how much it would mean to Steve, I tried the Rompo. And you know what? I actually kind of liked it. In fact, I liked it so much that I got a refill. I'm still not a beer convert, but if I'm somewhere that has Rompo on tap, I'll probably have myself another.

[my red rompo. it's pretty good]
So if you live in Nashville, or will be visiting there anytime in the near future, you should definitely head on over to the Jackalope taproom and try one of their year-round or seasonal brews. I promise you won't be disappointed.

some info you might find useful:
Location: 701 Eighth Avenue South, Nashville, TN 37203
Hours: open Thursday 4pm-10pm; Friday 4pm-8pm; Saturday 12pm-8pm; Sunday 2pm-6pm.
Special Events: Trivia Night every Thursday night at the taproom. occasional collaborations with the Belcourt Theater.
To Learn More: follow Jackalope on Facebook [Jackalope Brewing Company] or on Twitter [@JackalopeBrew], sign up for blog updates, or check out their website for any additional information or to sign up for their newsletter.

And always remember to #DrinkLegendary.

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