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31 December 2013

looking back at 2013.

As 2013 draws to a close, I can't help but reflect back and be amazed at all that happened this year.

[my favourite Bombay boys]
[Gateway of India]
[the evening view from our house]
[Bombay harbour]
[my roommates, my loves]
[two of my all-time favourites came to visit. at the same time!]
[front and center for Robert Randolph and the Family Band]
[entrance to our resort at Kaziranga in Assam]
[view from the skywalk at the Don Bosco Centre in Shillong]
[yes, their first dance was to Gangnam Style. a match made in heaven if ever there was one]
I welcomed the year with my Devaraj family in Bangalore.
I got to live in Bombay for 5 awesome months [this one has pictures!].
Steph and Pete moved to Bombay.
Sneha, my mother, Alex-boy, and Haygood all came to visit.
I attended Sulafest and Mahindra Blues Festival.
I got to explore a new part of India with my CanOfBliss boys.
Tyler came to visit.
Pranay and Vikki got married.
I attended a live RCB match in Bangalore.

[we got a "Congradulations" cake at the final SGA meeting]
[me and my Moo]
[pretty sure Frankie was more into FNL than I was]
[yes, we slow danced together. it's a thing we do]
[my favourite little Nugget]
[best part of driving to Atlanta? lunch at Bojangles on the way]
[Peanut has a baby sister! her name is Pumpkin]
[if you've ever wondered what happiness is, it's a full rack from Blues City Cafe]
[you can see why I adore her]
[poffertjes in Aruba. they were delish]
graduation festivities in Little Rock.
Burt and Katie got married.
the Grizzlies made it to the Western Conference Finals.
I discovered the wonder that is Friday Night Lights, the television version.
Jillian and Jimmy got married.
I finally got to meet Lisa Jain's son Devin.
road trip with my parents to Atlanta for Chipper Jones' retirement ceremony.
I turned 30.
Fourth of July weekend in Houston, and Sunjana turned 16.
the birth of the Pumpkin, sister to the Peanut.
I completed my Masters in Public Service.
my father and I went to Aruba with my brother for a week.

[baby shower for Lindso; took Bee to her first Arkansas football game; Razorbacks won; reunion with my Mentor]
[officially official]
[got to see this favourite little brother for the first time in probably 4 or 5 years. far too long in my book]
[they put your name on a wall for the Nike Women's Marathon. it's pretty cool]
[a roomie reunion in San Francisco!]
[yep, I went to Hogsmeade. life mission complete]
[Hogwarts Castle. no big deal]
[beautiful fall weather in rural Arkansas]
[my little bugs are growing up!]
[celebrating my favourite lady and her 70 years of awesomeness]
[the Peanut; the Pumpkin; two of my favourite Bangalore ladies; my third-born]
[construction progress in Bombay; Deboo becomes a whiskey drinker; the lights of Bandra; PC hearts me]
[my little Pumpkin, a future Rhodent? #rollonlynxcats]
[new pictures up in my room!]
Caitlin and Wes got married.
the birth of the Muffin.
I ran my first half marathon.
I got to go to Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando.
my mother turned 70.
a quick 3-week jaunt to Coimbatore, Bangalore, and Bombay.
being in the States for Christmas -- and cold weather!


I read some new books and saw quite a few new movies.
I actually completed all of my 30thursdays posts [my two personal favourites are 30 words [or phrases] my friends use to describe me and 30 favourite places].
I created one heck of a 30th birthday playlist.
I completed almost a full 52 weeks of joy project posts [the final few will come in early 2014].

also, this:

It was quite a year, spanning two continents and lots of great adventures, and I look forward to seeing what this next one has in store.

Here's wishing you and yours a Happy New Year and a glorious beginning to 2014.

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