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21 December 2013

the joy project: week forty-eight.

Sunday: yummy chicken curry and parwar and parathas for lunch. another Packers come-from-behind victory [and that too over the Cowboys. doubly awesome].

Monday: cleaned my room -- 5 weeks in a row of traveling meant a lot of debris piled up on my floor, but I can finally see it again! family cards night.

Tuesday: made myself a little collage with some of my Instagram prints and now have pictures up in my room from after 2005!

Wednesday: got the sweetest thank you card in the mail from a girl going on the Jamaica Trip in spring 2014. made spinach dip for the first time in my life. ornament exchange at Walshie's house.

Thursday: between a sale and a $20 rewards coupon, my brother and I scored the complete Friday Night Lights box set on DVD for $30. Charlie Brown Christmas and Home Alone 2 both on television. caught some old episodes of Friends [on Nick-at-Nite! that makes me feel so old!].

Friday: even though this year's Ugly Sweater Run was canceled, I still got a free knit hat!

Saturday: caught up on some Upworthy videos [note to self: next time I decide to watch 2 months worth of videos in one sitting, remember to keep the tissues handy]. watched some of the India v South Africa test match at stupid-o'clock in the morning with my mother. family lunch at Taj Mahal. I followed it up with a 2.5 hour nap on the couch.

Christmas is in 4 days! holy crap.

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