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15 December 2013

the joy project: week forty-seven.

Sunday: made lunch mostly by myself [the leftovers that were also consumed were made by my mother last week]. Packers won for the first time since Aaron Rodgers got injured. learned how to iron [yes, I am a 30-year-old woman who is only now learning to iron. it's cool].

Monday: started reading and editing Will's book. folded and put away a month's worth of laundry. started writing my holiday cards. ordered Papa John's for dinner, and my father had only good things to say [usually he hates on Papa John's and insists on Pizza Hut, but I won today's battle]! nice long gchat with Bee.

Tuesday: picked up some fun Christmas presents for the Peanut and the Pumpkin. Dirty Santa pajama party and potluck at Walshie's house.

Wednesday: finished [I think!] writing my holiday cards. now to address, stamp, and mail them!

Thursday: mailed Christmas presents to the Peanut and Pumpkin in Bangalore as well as the Muffin in Nashville [I might have a slight problem buying presents for babies. I figure there are worse problems to have in life]. saw Frozen [great movie; review coming soon]. prep work for the Brother's return.

Friday: my prints from Printstagram arrived! short 1.5 mile run around the neighbourhood, my first cold-weather run in nearly 2 years [note to self: gloves are your friends]. began plowing through the last 6 years of photographs to choose which ones to print [I'm apparently on a really big photo-printing high right now].

Saturday: finished combing through all my pictures, but I think I've made my project even more complicated. hoping to have the 2,300 pictures narrowed down to about 1,000 [still crazy at least more manageable] in the next few weeks. also, Brother Bear came home for the holidays!

only 10 days until Christmas! raise your hand if you're excited <both arms flung high in anticipation>.

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