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28 December 2013

the joy project: week forty-nine.

Sunday: found out that this month Amazon Prime introduced a new feature - they now offer 1 of 4 future releases to read for free every month. a fun shower to celebrate Baby Koelsch. registered for both the Starry Nights 4k AND the Little Rock Half.

Monday: Christmas Adam party at Julie Clary's house.

Tuesday: family Christmas Eve lunch at Curry Bowl. got a $30 reward in the mail for Old Navy. reunited with Ralphie and family for "24 Hours of A Christmas Story".

Wednesday: CHRISTMAS DAY! opened presents from Santa. made channa bhatura for lunch almost entirely by myself.

Thursday: first 3mi run in nearly 7 weeks -- I'm pretty proud I made it. family nap time after lunch. made parwar for dinner.

Friday: got to have a nice little chat with big brother Mikey for his birthday.

Saturday: Starry Nights 4k at Shelby Farms Park -- it was cloudy and cold but still lots of fun; my favourite part was where the stars were hanging in the trees because it felt like running through an enchanted forest.

happy early 2014, friends!

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