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06 September 2012

30 thursdays: 30 words [or phrases] my friends use to describe me.

A little over a week ago, I emailed a number of close friends and family and asked them to respond with one word - or phrase - that they would use to describe me. The first 30 unique responses I received are displayed below. I think it goes without saying that not only do I have some incredible people in my life, but they give me far more credit than I deserve. Thank you all for responding so quickly and with such glowing remarks. I hope you all know how much it means to have you in my life.

30 words [or phrases] my friends use to describe me:
  1. loyal
  2. sunshine
  3. humanitarian
  4. smart, but nutty [thanks, father]
  5. motherly
  6. exuberant
  7. annoyingly optimistic
  8. altruistic
  9. adventurous
  10. Gucci [you're hilarious, Fernando]
  11. "I hear smiles when you talk"
  12. fantabulous
  13. genuine
  14. infectious enthusiasm
  15. crazy
  16. free spirit
  17. ebullient
  18. "Little Sister" - Veen will always be my little sister.  Chicken spaghetti, cookies, brownies, and whatever other treats she dreamt up....were always waiting for some hungry boys at 2 a.m.  Coming home was almost as good as sneaking back out after the late night snack!  I love my little sister, and am ready to see her again....and If I see my little sister in a bar, she can't blame me if I take the drink from her hands.  Little Sisters shouldn't grow up.  But what is not surprising is what continues to grow....her heart, it's always been huge, and full of love.  And I'm blessed to be able to call her...Little Sister. [I know I said one word or phrase, but Mikey's response nearly made me cry, so I had to paste the whole thing. I think it goes without saying that I have the best big brothers in the world]
  19. "Veena is always sunny and quick to laugh. She is a mind and mood altering positive presence everywhere she goes!"
  20. organized
  21. kind
  22. jocose [Will wins the award for most creative]
  23. alluring
  24. effervescent
  25. orangy fizz
  26. encouraging
  27. rum
  28. full of life
  29. "One word or phrase is absolutely not enough". I truly believe that. The girl that can claim her "home" in more than one continent, has someone she can call "family" anywhere she goes, and drinks old monk like a rock star cannot be summed up in one word or phrase. [again, Moo also came close to bringing tears to my eyes]
  30. harmonious
Honorable Mentions [because they came in just after #30]:
  • roomigo [It's a hybrid word: friend AND roommate.  See, it's so much more than just a friend and so much more than just a roommate. It's Roomigo.] [thanks, Roomigo :)]
  • best-beach-walk-buddy
And that's that. Greatest friends ever.
Next week: my 30 favourite foods.
woo pig.

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