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20 September 2012

30 thursdays: adding on to a previous list.

I don't have a new list for you guys today, but I do want to add on to my list from a few weeks ago. Due to an email mix-up on my end and my brother's ridiculously busy schedule [tests every two weeks. yikes], I didn't receive his response until after I had already posted that list. However, as he is my big brother and is the one person in the world who knows me better than I know myself, his response was a mash-up of words describing me throughout the course of my life, and I would like to share it with you today. [warning: you may want to get out your tissues. I certainly needed them]

"Trying to describe you in one word or phrase is difficult, because having known you for your entire life there are different words at different points in our lives that I would have used to describe you, such as - princess, girly-girl, redneck accent, Americanized, 4 eyes, brainy, nerdy, annoying, pest, smartass, shy, bookworm, carlene's pet, Braves Fan, Razorbacks Fan, stubborn, brave, outgoing, fearless, adventurous, altruistic, intelligent, sincere, dependable, relentless, caring, loving, confident, Packers Fan, FOB accent, rickshaw pro, bus pro, non A/C sleeper pro, Indianized, adversary, sister, friend, confidant, protector. 

But above all of those things, for me, the words which I would use to describe you are - "My Hero." 

And I mean that with all my heart. You are my hero Veen. The person I look up to the most, whom I most want to emulate, whose footsteps I want to follow in. There will always be beauty and hope in this world because of people like you."

To hear that from someone I consider my hero is an incredible feeling. And I once again iterate that I have the best big brothers in the world.
woo pig.

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