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01 July 2013

the joy project: week twenty-three.

Sunday: India won the ICC Champions Trophy!

Monday: 3.01km run. photo scavenger hunt around midtown / downtown Memphis. YoLo for "lunch".

Tuesday: lazed in bed. got my first proxy ballot as a Packers Shareholder. finished putting together my birthday playlist!

Wednesday: 2.65km run. India Palace reunion with Walshee. cheered on Walshee and Julie at their kickball game.

Thursday: watched Side Effects with the brother. kind of a weird movie. cranked out 8 [count 'em] 30thursdays posts!

Friday: 1.26mi run [yep, we're back on the English system. I'll explain why very soon]. Bojangles for lunch! road trip to Atlanta with the parents for CHIPPER JONES' JERSEY RETIREMENT CEREMONY. made it through all the speeches without crying [definitely came close, though]. Braves win!

Saturday: found out I was accepted to run the Nike Women's Half Marathon in San Francisco in October. a lovely lunch with the Will Tyler and his wife Haley. nice afternoon snooze. dinner with the parents at Zyka.

and so concludes the 30th year of Veena. a new one beings now.

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