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22 July 2013

the joy project: week twenty-six.

Sunday: learned how to do mountain-climbers-into-squat-jumps [don't ask]. helped the mother make Sunday lunch. mummy oiled my hair. DDLJ on the television!

Monday: mailed some goodies to the Peanut and the Pumpkin.

Tuesday: got to chat with Bee for a solid 45 minutes and hear about her new job a bit.

Wednesday: long overdue Skype chat with Bear.

Thursday: survived outings to both the mall and Bed, Bath, & Beyond. that's a pretty big deal for me. lovely summer rain. Memphis Pizza Cafe and YoLo with Walker and Joe.

Friday: sibling road trip to Little Rock. introduced the brother to the Town Pump and then returned later with some of the Clinton School peeps.

Saturday: various errands with Maggie and Stephen. chocolate and banana smoothie from Tropical Smoothie. partook of many of the free samples at Kroger. papdi chat, samosa chat, and pani puri at the Indian grocery store. leisurely afternoon swim. Indian food fest with lots of helpers. midnight swim.

My final Capstone presentation is this Friday, so I am soliciting and welcoming any and all well wishes. I promise to reciprocate in full.

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