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07 July 2013

the joy project: week twenty-four.


Sunday: back to Memphis. lots of early wishes from the peeps in Bangalore. got to chat with Harish, Saranya, Reishabh, and Sastri.

Monday: woke up to beautiful Bangalore weather in Cordova [cloudy and drizzling]. cool 1.63mi run around the neighbourhood. cranked out most of my awesome birthday playlist [made it through 2004, which I'd say was probably enough for one day]. chilled out in the backyard [cannot remember the last time I did that in the middle of the day in July] with my book. lunch at Jason's Deli with the father and brother. big bro got me a Kindle! [he spoils me way too much] family dinner at BBQ Shop. enjoyed some adult beverages at Fox and Hound with the brother and watched a lot of baseball.

Tuesday: slept in. Toys 'R Us and Best Buy run to grab some gifts for all the kiddos in Houston. bought myself a new pair of earphones in the process [I was getting sick of mine slipping out when I ran]. finished the birthday playlist.

Wednesday: 2.40mi run [those new earphones worked out well]. nice long afternoon nap. packed for Houston.

Thursday: on the road at 2.15am to Houston. dropped the mother at Shailesh Bhai's house, said hi to Masi et al, and then spent the rest of the day at Omar and Reva's catching up with the Houston brothers, drinking and swimming and building toys for the kiddos and eating spare ribs and barbecued chicken and playing beer pong. it was a pretty spectacular afternoon / evening / night / early morning.

Friday: spent the hot day in the cool pool again. played H-O-R-S-E with the guys [and finished ahead of my brother]. celebrated Sunjana's sweet 16 with the family.

Saturday: toured Aneek and Anisha's new house. housewarming at Shailesh Bhai and Archana's. late-night family antics that included a 1am gorging of butter chicken lasagna [amazing, by the way]. slept at 2.30am.

it was one heck of a week, and after being out of town 4 weekends in a row, I am worn to the bone. just in time to begin that 1/2 marathon training tomorrow. wish me luck!

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