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05 May 2013

the joy project: week fifteen.

Sunday: CSK victory. went for a nice run through the neighbourhood. mum made yummy Indian vegetables for lunch. cookout with Walker and Joe at their house in Midtown.

Monday: finally sorted out my room, put my boxes from last year away, and unpacked my bags and put away my stuff from India. dinner with Lindsey.

Tuesday: CSK victory. Grizzlies won in LA!

Wednesday: ran through the Little Rock 'hood. the Class 7-ers at the SGA meeting were surprised with a "Congraduation" cake! watched the Celtics win in New York with the Nathan Jesson at the Pump.

Thursday: CSK victory. met Nancy Pelosi [she's pretty cool]. RCB victory. actually got some work done in Sturgis. dinner with Ang.

Friday: got to see a lot of the DGS people from last year at the Making Your Garden Grow conference. cold weather! GRIZZLIES BEAT THE CLIPPERS!

Saturday: Clinton School Beer Olympics 2013. fun adventures with Dylan and Nathan. dinner with Will.

only 6 days to graduation!

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