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14 May 2013

life, lately.

1. Last Saturday was Graduation! That's right, I have my Master's in Public Service.* Still trying to figure out what that means for the rest of my life [or at least the rest of the summer].

2. This weekend is Burt & Katie's wedding in Little Rock. From the looks of it, it might be the only wedding I make it to this summer. And I'm pretty ok with that.

3. Now that things are - hopefully - settling down, I desperately want to get back into the habit of reading regularly. I miss it. A lot.

4. I know the 30 thursdays posts have kind of disappeared, but I've got about 6 in the pipelines for the coming weeks. A few require pictures that are on my hard drive, a few require pictures that need to be taken, and a few just require me sitting down for however long it takes to finish them. But they're coming.


6. I've sort of been trying to start running again since I got back to the States, but it's been difficult with the back-and-forth between Memphis and Little Rock. It's going to happen soon, though. It has to.

7. It's been a few years since I loved a Grizzlies team as much as I love this one. I love how they've come together down the stretch this season, and I'm glad I made it back in time for the playoffs. #GritnGrind

8. Trying to figure out a time for a road trip to Nashville. Hopefully that will happen sometime next month.

9. Only 6 weeks to complete my 30before30 list. Ha!

10. As always, it's bittersweet to be back in the States. It's great to see everyone here and to catch up with friends and classmates and to eat at all my favourite haunts. But I also miss everyone in India, I miss my crazy cities, and I miss the awesome food. Trying to figure out where I want to be right now is tougher than I expected, and I have a feeling a longer blog post will be appearing on that topic in the coming days / weeks.

Still lots to be done, but I'm taking today to enjoy sitting on the couch and watching mindless television. I'll face the real world tomorrow.

*Technically I am still completing the requirements of the degree, which is to say that I have finish my final Capstone paper, submit it, and defend my project. But I got to walk at Graduation last weekend.

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