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19 May 2013

restaurant review: leo's greek castle.

Friday night the fam got dinner from Leo's Greek Castle, and I thought I would share our experience with you.

We heard about Leo's most recently from our dear classmate Maggie whose friends have recently bought Leo's and taken it over. We've been saying for a few weeks that we should eat there / get take-out from there, and finally on Friday the stars aligned and we made it happen.

As we had heard Leo's is a small place [6 tables inside and about 4 on a small outdoor patio], and as we had decided to have a viewing of Miracle while we were waiting for Britney's friend Amy to arrive, we decided to opt for take-out.

Leo's has a vast menu that includes Mediterranean foods as well as burgers and other American foods. The four of us split the combo dip of hummus and baba ghannouj with pita bread; Bee and I split a gyros platter with a greek salad; Nathan Jesson had a gyros platter with french fries; and Dylan had a cup of gazpacho soup, dolmades, and a shish-ka-bob sandwich.

The hummus was awesome, and while Dylan and I liked the baba ghannouj, Britney was not a huge fan. The greek salad was a bit of a disappointment - it wasn't good or bad but just generally didn't have a taste - but the gyros platter more than made up for it. Because we were splitting it, it would have been nice to have had one more pita, but we made do with the extra pita bread from the dips. The meat was great, as was the tzatziki sauce. I can't speak for Dylan, but he polished off his food in no time, so I'm going to say it was probably pretty good.

Leo's prices are very reasonable, too - our entire meal was about $37, and the portions were very generous. The salad and platter was perfect for 2 of us to split, which meant Nathan's platter was the right size for him. Dylan finished his dolmades and sandwich and has been eating his gazpacho with other meals over the weekend, so his portions were pretty good as well.

Overall I really liked the food [and I think the others did, too], and I will definitely try to hit it up again whenever I'm in the Rock over the summer. I also had the opportunity to meet Frank, one of Maggie's friends who runs the place, and he was very friendly as well. I always like to be loyal to friendly places.

Important info:
Address: 2925 Kavanaugh, about 2 blocks west of The Afterthought in Hillcrest.
Known for: Greek dishes, but they also serve burgers and American food.
Price: very reasonable. the combo dip was $4.50, the gyros platters were $9, and 4 of us ate for under $40.
Hours of operation: open until 10pm [I think], 7 days a week. Dine-in or Carry-out available.
Method[s] of payment: accept cash and cards.

Definitely try it if you're in the area. And tell Frank that Veena sent you.

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