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30 March 2012

april: last full month in little rock.

It feels a little weird to type that - and even weirder knowing it's true - but the fact of the matter is that April is my last full month in Little Rock.What that means is that it's going to be crazy, because I'm going to be attempting to cram in a LOT of things while also trying to keep my head afloat in the vast ocean of grad school projects. My list for the month is both long and short:

complete as many things as possible on my little rock / arkansas / usa bucket list. I'm currently in the process of compiling a bucket list of all the things I need to accomplish before I leave for India. If anyone has any suggestions, be sure to pass them along. I hope to get that list up here in a few days so you can see all the things I'm hoping to do next month.

identify - and potentially contact - at least 3-5 possible Capstone organizations in Bangalore. while Capstone is still far away, it's going to be upon me sooner than I realize. My hope is that in the next month I can begin identifying some potential organization who might be willing to allow me to work with them. Even better if I can go ahead and establish some contact so that I can set up some meetings for June and July. If you know of any organizations in Bangalore - particularly one's working with education / girls' education - let me know!

And that's pretty much it. I might come up with a few more, but as I said, most everything will fall under the bucket list.

Happy weekend-ing! I am celebrating Dylan Perry's birthday tonight, doing some Auction work and attending a screening of miss representation tomorrow, and kicking some balls around on Sunday. In between mounds of reading and organizing my Project Methodology for my IPSP, of course. woo!

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