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29 March 2012

the whirlwind that was march.

I feel like March just started, and here it is almost over. That does mean, however, that I am that much closer to being back in Bangalore. I thought I'd take a few moments to look over how I did with my March goals / resolutions...

run the entire 10k. check. and in only 2 minutes over my estimated time. I'll take it.

keep running two days a week. didn't do so well on this one. since I was sick when I ran the race, I took thee week after the race off to recuperate. then I took another week off. then it was spring break. then, while on spring break, I wore shoes that were too small and walked around so much that the blister popped open, and now I can't wear closed-back shoes. so that didn't quite work out for me. here's hoping for better results come April.

start learning nepali. well, I didn't start learning Nepali. but that's because my contact at Room to Read told me to learn Hindi instead, since I already have a bit of a foundation in it, and in western Nepal, most of the people there will speak Hindi. so I broke down and bought the Rosetta Stone for Hindi [go big or go home, right?] and have been going through the lessons on there. There are 3 levels, each of which are broken down into 4 units. Each of those 4 units are broken into 4 lessons, so essentially there are 48 lessons to go through, and I have completed...2.5. I decided I need to complete at least a unit a week from now until I start my project, so wish me luck getting through that. it's actually quite interesting the way it teaches you, including learning to read. I'll keep you posted on how it all turns out.

take one night a week off. definitely was not able to accomplish that before spring break, mostly due to the dearth of stuff we had to complete for Practicum. this week has been a bit hectic, but I'm giving myself an easy night tonight - have a few things to get started on, but nothing I'm freaking out about.

read for 20 minutes each night. success. some nights I don't make it to 20 minutes - I have a tendency to fall asleep with the book in my hand - but I've been reading at least a little each night. I completed The Handmaid's Tale [Margaret Atwood] over spring break and have begun the first book of The Hunger Games trilogy [Suzanne Collins]. review of Atwood's book forthcoming.

So that's March. I'm working on composing my April list and will get that up here shortly.
happy almost weekend!

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