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11 March 2012

the girl effect.

While perusing a few websites on educating girls for my Professionalism speech, I came across a website called The website opens by asking you to agree or disagree with a statement: The world could use a good kick in the pants. Clicking on "agree" leads you to a short prezi / video about the crossroads that a girl comes to when she turns 12 in a developing country and the different paths she can go down depending on her level of education and support.

I haven't gotten a proper chance to peruse the rest of the site fully, but the video is well worth a watch if you have 3 minutes. It encompasses a lot of the reasons room to read works with girls' education, and it emphasizes a lot of the reasons I have become really interested in this issue in the last year or so.

Let's all work to promote the education of girls world-wide. After all, we know girls can - and will - change the world.

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